The American University in Cairo
Up to 20% Scholarship on Graduate Programs

Benefits Details: 

1-Application Fees refunded once accepted in the selected program (Exclusive for AmCham members).

2-For Individuals: A Fellowship up to 20% of tuition in all graduate programs (excluding CEMS & EMBA), based on eligibility criteria.

3-MBA Cost-sharing Model for Corporates:  20% cost-sharing model in the form of fellowships subject to a signed agreement. For every 5 enrolled students, the partner company covers full tuition for 4 candidates and AUC School of Business covers full tuition for 1 candidate. An (8 +2) ratio may also be applied for interested corporates.

4-Executive MBA Cost-sharing Model for Corporates: Group Scholarship (3-5 students) between 10-20%.

EMBA alumni are eligible for life-long access to all Executive MBA Cairo classes (fee-waived).

In line with AUC’s philosophy for lifelong learning and commitment to equip our alumni with the knowledge needed in a constantly changing global business world, all alumni who have completed their Executive MBA degree are welcome to attend any Executive MBA classes delivered in Cairo.


Executive Master of Business Administration EMBA | Coming intake Fall 2021 - Deadline 30 June 2021.

Master of Business Administration MBA | Coming intake Spring 2022 - Deadline 1 October 2021.

CEMS Master in International Management | Coming intake Fall 2022 - Deadline 1 April 2022.

Master of Science in Finance MSF | Coming intake Spring 2022 - Deadline 1 October 2021.

Master of Arts in Economics | Coming intake Spring 2022 - Deadline 1 October 2021.

Master of Economics in International Development | Coming intake Spring 2022 - Deadline 1 October 2021.

***The AmCham member must be present to benefit from the discount***
Benefit Date: Sunday, April 11, 2021
Expiry Date: Friday, April 1, 2022